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Blacklight 2023

If you have a question or are just interested in playing pickleball with a fun group,  you can send us your email address to get on our mailing list.
Contact Us
Board of Directors

Nancy Odom, President
Arlene Scherl, Vice President
Paul Erickson, Secretary
Dennis Crews, Treasurer
Barry Glaudel, Member At Large

Paddle Staging/ Playing Order

Skill Rating

Holidays observed: New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas
Start time at courts 9:00 am



HGPA has teamed up with Pickleball Central participating in their Club Rewards Program.  Our discount code is CRHeronsGlen  -  code is not case sensitive.  The code will provide 5% off everything purchased from Another 5% of the purchase price goes into a "club fund".   

Keith Frens, who is a resident of Herons Glen is an Engage sponsored Pickleball player and for anyone from HGPA purchasing a paddle from Engage Pickleball will receive a 20% discount from Engage when using the code “20keith” at checkout.  


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