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If you have a question or are just interested in playing pickleball with a fun group,  you can send us your email address to get on our mailing list.
Contact Us
Board of Directors

Don Lynch, President
Diane Galow Hertel, V President
Paul Erickson, Secretary
Nancy Raczka, Treasurer
Dave Ingram, Member At Large

Paddle Staging/ Playing Order

Skill Rating

Holidays observed: New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas
Start time at courts 9:00 am



HGPA has teamed up with Pickleball Central participating in their Club Rewards Program.  Our discount code is CRHeronsGlen  -  code is not case sensitive.  The code will provide 5% off everything purchased from Another 5% of the purchase price goes into a "club fund".   

Keith Frens, who is a resident of Herons Glen is an Engage sponsored Pickleball player and for anyone from HGPA purchasing a paddle from Engage Pickleball will receive a 20% discount from Engage when using the code “20keith” at checkout.  


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